Offering to EACO – CRA registration number, 奉獻給主恩堂 – 稅局註冊號碼 746458819RR0002. 

As the Elders board has approved the refugee sponsorship of the Touhmeh Family, the finance team has set up a designated fund for this sponsorship. In making a contribution to this designated fund, please kindly make an independent offering and specify for the “Touhmeh Family”. Please don’t mix it up with other offerings and don’t use the fund allocation code.  This will ensure that your contribution is accurately directed to this meaningful cause. Please contact our treasurer, Johnny Tong for any enquires.


由於長議會已經批准了Touhmeh家庭的難民贊助,財務部設立了一個特定基金用於這項贊助。 如果您有感動想為這特定基金作出捐獻,請以專一奉獻並註明 “Touhmeh Family”,請不要與其他奉獻項目混合在一起,也不要使用獻金分配代碼。這將確保您的奉獻準確地用於這個有意義的事工。如有任何疑問,請聯繫我們的司庫 Johnny Tong。

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  • Church Address: 4 Thorncliff Place, Nepean, ON K2H 6L2
  • Please specify: offering number, fund designation (Operation, Building, Missions, Benevolent, Special, e.g. Global Advance Fund)