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STEP 1: Fill in the form and then click on red button to generate a summary of offering

*** names 5 characters or less are for reference ***
For tax receipt please follow through to step 3

    Designated Funds:

    Total: $

    Fund allocation code (for EACO to allocate your offering e.g. ,Smith,John,100,,200,,,,,300,600):

    STEP 2:

    a. start an E-transfer from your financial institution using:

       E-Transfer email: OFFERING@EACO.CA

    b. copy/paste step 1’s summary into the E-Transfer message

    Offering is direct deposited into EACO’s bank account – no secret question needed

    STEP 3:

    If tax receipt is needed, please send your full name and address to OFFERING@EACO.CA

    Questions/Comments: OFFERING@EACO.CA